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Pitch Fibre 

Talon is currently exploring the potential application of a form of carbon fibre made from Pitch that has a high thermal conductivity.


There are two phases to this project, the first is the development of an epoxy prepreg sheet where 100% of the fibre are in the vertical ( Z-axis ) and the second phase is combining that sheet material with more common woven PAN fibre to create a complex moulding which is light strong and extremely thermally conductive.

Carbon Pitch Intake DEMO

This part is a combination of Pitch and PAN carbon fibre. The fins are post machined into the pitch fibre to maximise the cooling effect.

Pitch PAN demo annotated.jpg

Carbon Pitch Tube DEMO

This part is made entirely of radially orientated pitch fibre.

Pitch Tube Infographic - Updated.png

FLIR Heat Transfer Comparison - Pitch IHS vs. Copper IHS

This FLIR image is a Internal Heat Spreader for a CPU. The one on the left is copper and on the right is Pitch Carbon.

Thermal IHS test_edited.jpg
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