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Our Current Projects and Products

Carbon Kevlar Hinge

Carbon Hinge Logo 2.png

Carbon Kevlar hinges have proven to have a wide range of applications from the automotive and marine industry as well as simple everyday consumer products. Due to the nature of Carbon fibre, our hinges are completely corrosion resistant, can be drilled through or bonded to surfaces and are extremely thin and strong.

Our Carbon Kevlar Hinge is now the world’s thinnest hinge at just 0.8mm closed thickness. A 50mm long 0.8mm hinge can hold a 120kg static load, can arc thru 360 degrees and is tested to 1 million cycles. Designed specifically for electronic devices where weight and space are at a premium, the hinge is made from the extraordinary Trextreme spread tow carbon prepreg in combination with a more tightly woven lighter Kevlar.

Pitch Carbon Fibre

Carbon Cooling FINAL LOGO- with background.png

There is a form of carbon fibre made from Pitch instead of PAN, this material is extremely stiff but also has a very high thermal conductivity of 900 W/mK which is twice that of copper.


Sadly the thermal conductivity is only conducted along the length of the fibre so the fibre orientation is critical if you want good thermal properties, recently we have managed to create an epoxy prepreg sheet material with 100% of the fibre in the vertical Z-axis in thicknesses of 1 to 10mm.

This allows us to make hybrid moldings using the tougher low cost PAN as the shell with an integrated Pitch fibre panel for excellent thermal performance.

Currently, Talon is making light housing for high-intensity LED’s that were previously Aluminium but suffered from corrosion in marine environments.

The LPM Project

LPM Logo Colored.jpg

The LPM Project has been running for 2 years at Talon Technology and aims to solve the global plastic problem by designing simple and innovative products that can only be made from plastic waste. 

We have used our expert knowledge of composites to come up with a plastic reinforced fibre composite sheet that we believe holds the key to the solution.

Our successes over the years have been recognised and we have joined a consortium with the University of Southern Queensland to develop our ideas and work with organisations that have like-minded goals. 

If you would like to find out more about The LPM Project and what we have achieved, head over to our website.

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