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Who We Are

Talon Technology

Talon Technology is a composite R&D company that specialises in carbon fibre consumer products. Most of our clients are medium-sized companies wanting to add a high-performance product to their range. We can start from bare bone concepts and work them up into a well developed and refined product, or work with an existing product to enhance its performance, aesthetics or overall function.

Typically we would take a project thru to a preproduction prototype, before installing the production into the customer’s facility or one of a selection of trusted OEMs. We stick with the project through the OEM or customer factory setup stage to make sure a fluid transition is achieved from R&D to volume manufacturing.

We also conduct in house research into materials and processes that we believe have hidden potential, and it lets us hone our development skills without incurring costs for our customers.

Talon Technology brings high-quality carbon fibre products down from the aerospace and marine market to the consumer level. We use our high level of expertise and technical thinking to supply our customers with the products that they need while also working on in-house technologies to evolve the industry.

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Geoff Germon
CEO of Talon Technology, Adjunct Professor of Design at the University of Canberra

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