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At Talon

We design products for manufacture in carbon fibre and Kevlar. Sporting goods, furniture and military equipment are our strengths, however, we are true innovators and always willing to apply our extensive experience to advance your project.

Product Hightlight

Hockey Stick
Hockey Stick
Talon invented the worlds first Carbon fibre hockey stick in 1984.
Glass fibre tank
Glass fibre tank
This 3 kg pressure bag molded part replaced a cast iron part that weighed over 20...
Croquet Mallet
Croquet Mallet
Pressure bag molded prepreg mallet was the world’s first commercial carbon fibre...
Data Acquisition  Rowing Oars
Data Acquisition Rowing Oars
Carbon Oars fitted with sophisticated performance sensors.
Torch Body
Torch Body
Carbon fibre shell with post bonded aluminium threads
Fin Tool
Fin Tool
Multipart tooling for a high volume production part of a complete system developed...
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Business Units

Merlin Advanced Dragon Boat Gear
Merlin Excalibur Data Acquisition Paddle